[meta] How do you 'follow a topic'?

In email notifications I can get email notifications of ‘topics I follow’ but how do I specify which topics I want to follow?

The notification settings are on your user page, under user tools → email notification settings.

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edit: I thought this was a joke.

I already mentioned it in the comment on Eric’s answer, but it seems people still have trouble with it, so i post it as answer.

You can change your email notification settings in the user tools menu on your profile page:

The settings are splitted into the Notification Options and the Expertise Settings. On the notification options page you might want to select the options i marked red*:

Then you can switch to the Expertise settings page and select the topics you’re interested in. UnityAnswers tries to automatically adds topics of questions you have answered in the past, but you can change them manually, just scroll down a bit:

*I have around 6800 unread emails in my Unity Answers folder within my email client, mostly because i had selected one of those options. Just make sure you really want all those emails :wink: