[META] Is the Quality of Unity Answers being worked on?

I started actually using Unity Answers only about a month ago, and Unity around 6 moths ago. I’ve been programming for years. I absolutely love helping people figure out complex tasks and finding elegant solutions. I came to Unity Answers thinking that I would be able to do this. I was very wrong. In my time here I’ve discovered a few major problems with Unity Answers:

  1. 99% of the questions I could find with the most simple Google search. It absolutely baffles me that people have the ability to download and install unity, manage to start the creation of a game, create an account on unity answers, and not be able to do a Google search on how to move an object. I don’t get it and I never will.
  2. People create accounts, ask questions, look at the answers, and never come back. They don’t accept answers, or even acknowledge that your answer has worked. For me, this is less about reputation and more that I just want to know that I was able to help them solve their problem.
  3. The amount of good programmers out there to contribute and help the community is very low. I know they are out there, but I haven’t seen many around. It makes me happy to see flocks of very experienced programmers ready to jump on a question without hesitation.

Slap me silly for this not being a coding question, but I don’t care. This is a very important question to me, and it is Unity related.

My Question(s):
Is anyone working on improving the quality of Unity Answers, or is there somewhere I can go where people are asking serious questions?

That problem exists because most users downloaded it expecting to be a serious developer in 1 month or less. Obviously most people who ask stupid questions is because they have no experience in the gaming world, moving an object is easiest thing ever. All you have to do is this: find the game object and move its transform position, still I didn’t even have to use Google for that. I can even rotate them without even have to Google. People just don’t get how to use unity script and if they even bothered with experimenting instead of asking silly questions maybe they’d solve their own problems. If you want a complex question I have one for you :confused: just a suggestion. Also don’t leave this website if your as experienced as you say you are, you’ll probably the only one that could help me.

There are serious questions being asked around here that are buried under the inevitable amount of fluff. And I have seen several experienced coders helping tirelessly on an almost-daily basis. If you truly love to help others, then you can make Unity Answers a better place by helping to the best of your ability, regardless of the perceived seriousness of the questions. And also, when your karma reaches a certain level, you can close questions as you see fit.


"You must be the change you want to see in Unity Answers.”
 -Mahatma 'Unity' Gandhi

In a certain sense, fewer interesting questions means that UA is working. All the good questions have been answered. So, everyday lots of people have good questions. But most google and find the answer, here on UA. And that’s great. Better than having to type something and wait a day.

When the recent 2D system came out, there were piles of Q’s about it. Same with mechanon(?) Now a lot fewer, I assume since googling now gives good results.

@1) Just because you can find it, it doesn’t mean they can find it. I think you got a programmer perspective of that one. I would never have the same attitude if you came to me and asked about the danish language. I wouldn’t go: “Go to the library, it’s there. Use Google it’s all on the net.”
If 99% of it was on the net, we should just remove answers and the forum from this site, right? :wink:

@2) That’s just disrespectful. I think people wait for the questioner to come back and tell if it worked or not, just as the questioner expects someone to help them out. A “thank you” does wonders. Also hey, if they did come back and tell, maybe it could help someone else with their problems. (like me…)
BUT it could also mean that it didn’t work and people are trying their best to fix it somehow…the question is how long did you wait for them to come back?

@3) I get happy too when 2-3 programmers answers my questions in different ways so that I can see the possibilities of doing the same problem in different ways. I get to think in different ways.

  • You also have to remember that some people ask questions in 4-5 different places and go with the first place which answers their question and forget about the rest of the places they asked. (Yes, I agree. It’s totally low of them to do that. At least tell the others that you got the answer and what it was. It may help someone else.)

  • You also have to remember that some people are from the mememe-generation. They think it’s their right that you answer their questions, not that they are lucky that someone even wanted to try to help them out.

  • You also have to remember that you are an experienced programmer compared to many people in the world. So you find a lot of things to be damn easy and something everyone can find/do easily without needing help. Most of the people using Unity do not.

My answer to the second question: “people are asking serious questions” Wow…I kind of feel offended that you find my questions to be not serious. I don’t know about the rest of the people but I try to be quite serious when I ask. I ask about people about stuff I couldn’t do myself after trying for hours, couldn’t find it on google and no tutorials showing it here.
What are “serious questions” in your opinion? I bet the answer is biased and affected by your programming and stackoverflow experience. (although you find stupid questions on stackoverflow too)

Remember most of unity users who use the forum and answers are not only new to unity but also to programming, and as all beginners, they do ask stupid questions. :wink:

Oh, before I go. I agree there should be a mod who should warn people a few times on asking stuff that covered on the site. Question like: What is GameObject?
Give them a few warnings and if they don’t get then delete their account, although they can just make new ones again. OR people could just ignore their questions. I guess the last option would make them leave automatically. No answers, no need to keep asking, no need to be here. Automatically cleanup :wink:

Meta questions are getting just as regular as how to access script on another objects. It also makes me feel like it is a good way to grab some extra karma without really bringing anything new. Those questions always get some 10+ upvotes for the sake of being meta.

We get it UA is not perfect. How about directly contacting Unity to know what they have to say?