[Meta] Mass close of unanswered ancient questions?

Unity 3.4 was released on July 26, 2011 and it goes without saying that Unity’s changed substantially since then. Yet, if you sort the unanswered questions by the date asked, and take a look at the oldest questions, there’s a ton of questions from 2010 (and some from '09) and it’s likely that if somebody tried to answer them today, the question / answer would no longer be relevant because of version differences.

Is there a point to keeping old, unanswered questions open, particularly when the asker no longer cares? It looks like there are approximately 34350 unanswered questions. Closing all unanswered questions before a certain date would clean up a lot of the clutter.

Moreover, I chose Unity 3.4 as an example, but I’m using 4.3.4f1 myself. I don’t know the exact differences between versions, but is Unity Answers expected to be able to answer questions related to old versions of Unity, or only the most recent release?

Should Unity version be a required field to ask a question? I’m not sure if this is possible with AnswerHub, but users could then be certain that questions / answers are relevant to their version of Unity or a later release, rather than a bug that’s already been fixed.

I don’t see the point of the Close feature at all. Maybe the OP has gotten an answer they like, but the point of UA is as a reference (the “Questions of interest to more than one person” rule, which all the “fix my code” posts break.)

Ideally, someone finds an old question through a search, tries a solution, then updates it with a comment: no longer works in vX.0; some setting it mentions has been renamed; works with Legacy particleSystem/animation (which was the only one when the Q was written,) … .