[META] Moderators, watch out for spam

I have noticed several attempts to post spam recently, and I just deleted an answer that was obviously spam.

#Moderators, please check what you are approving.#

Edit :

This is still happening! Don’t just blindly click accept to everything in the list.

If you are going through the moderation queue, it is your responsibility to check what you are approving. That is what the moderation queue is all about. If you are going to accept any random rubbish and spam, what’s the point?

I’ve rejected spam fairly frequently over the last couple of weeks. Over the last year, it has tended to come in waves…a few days of spamming followed by quiet weeks. A lot of the recent stuff is coming from the same user. Is there any mechanism for referring a user to a ‘double diamond’ so their account can be suspended? Not that suspending would stop a user from just creating a new account.