[META] Should 'Closed' questions be shown under 'Active'?

While going through the questions I have stumbled across this situation many times and every time it just bugs me out that the questions that are closed appear under the active tab for questions.

Here’s an example image that illustrates what I’m trying to say:

As I understand active, it means that the questions that are currently being worked on by the members of UA and the question is still open for members to work on as even though the answer is selected members can still post their thoughts (answers, comments) on that question and answers and comments posted under it.

If a question is closed then why does it appears under the active tab since it no longer allows any of these actions above.

So now the question is that is it an intended behavior or is it just because it was not thought before that these closed questions should not appear under active tab as they are no longer active and require no attention anymore?

If it is an intended behavior then I certainly would like to know the reason behind it.

And if it is not an intended behavior then should it be changed to reflect it?

Or am I misunderstanding the meaning of active altogether?

I don’t think Closed has any real, consistent meaning.

That first blue one, Lootnituk probably posted a link to an answered duplicate Q, then checked closed. In that case, closed means “I don’t feel like anyone else should waste time looking at this.” That’s somewhat helpful, but if you’re a blender expert, you might still be interested, and may be able to give a better reply (often the trick to answering a Q is figuring out what the OP was really trying to ask.)

For “don’t bother looking at this” Q’s, I prefer a downvote (or not accepting the Q in the 1st place?)

I think some people close green/Answered questions. Seems redundant. Sure, we know the OP marked “I’m happy and am done.” But that often doesn’t mean there’s an actual answer. Sometimes the OP will quickly mark an Answer that seems like it might be helpful, but turns out not to work. And some posters tend to bully new users with “if this helped you, check as answer.” Some green Qs legitimately continue.

And UA is primarily intended to be searched – the “question of interest of at least one other person” rule. If a question comes up in a search, and you have a better answer, you should add it. Having the Q closed is just bad in that case. Maybe the OP got their perfect answer. But the question is now out there, to help everyone.