[META] Should it be made easier for new users to participate on Unity Answers?

As someone new to Unity, I have found a lot of helpful answers at this website. I’ve also asked a few (fairly tricky) questions.

Unfortunately, since I have no rep I cannot up-vote those people who have asked helpful questions or up-vote good answers.

Since I am new to unity, I cannot answer difficult questions. It appears the only strategy available to gain initial rep is to ask an easy question and hope it doesn’t get flagged as a duplicate?

I don’t remember ever experiencing this problem on stack overflow. It was much easier to “break-in” to participating on the site.

Regarding karma, in the FAQS scroll down to What is Karma/Reputation? . You can raise your karma by accepting answers to your questions (the grey tick under the thumbs). Voting then modifies karma accordingly.

Regarding the question and answer quality on this 'site, I shall leave this for someone else to comment as I have already been overly vocal on the subject.

META tag added to denote question about the 'site rather than a development question, also upvoted to add karma :slight_smile: