[Meta] Should links to external code or code screenshots be published?

Occasionally when moderating, the poster’s sample code is put on an external site such as pastebin or some obscure site. The post contains a link to the external site rather than placing the code directly in the question. Unless I’m missing it, the moderator guidelines don’t have anything to say about whether that should be allowed. So should it?

Same question with sample code in screenshots. These are unsearchable and unwieldy. And finally sometimes code is formatted using blockquote instead of code format.

My vote is to require all code to be placed inline in the question, and formatted using the code format button. Any other way of referencing code would be rejected.


If its 2 or 3 lines of code a screenshot is ok in my opinion. That said its still FAR EASIER to paste and code-tag it. Paste-bin should only be used if really really really necessary to post >3000 chars of code but understand that it may be volitile, but not quite as temporary as dropbox links.

Of course down the line, questions with outdated content will be deleted and thats no friggin use to anyone so paste n tag, on site, all the way.