[Meta] Wait for question to be submitted?

Why does it all most all ways tell me to wait for a moderator to view and accept my questions and answeres? Once it let me do questions with out waiting but now it tells me to wait. Does this involve my karma? There are some answered I would love solved immediately or fast. Also, why instead of waiting for them to allow this to be posted make it so they answered it instead. Please answer soon, you know, after they allow this to be submitted.

Until you have 15 karma points, all of your questions will go through moderation. Wait times for your question to be published will vary. Sometimes the wait is based on the availability of a moderation. Sometimes the wait is because a question is borderline with respect to publish-ability and is passed over (but not rejected) my some moderators. Question that are clearly stated, give enough context, well researched, not duplicates of previous question, and include properly formatted code have the highest likelihood of being published quickly. Reading the FAQ and following the guidelines can be helpful.