[Meta] What is unimechanic?

This identity is posting to many threads. If this is a real Unity identity (as per the two diamonds), the copy/paste sentences should be reviewed some grammar errors in them make it seem hack-ish.

“please respond it with the solution,…”

“…Unity Forums is a great place post and review code…”

“… Thanks for your comprehension, …”

I apologize for the problems caused by “bumping” answers, but clarifying the best places to find answers and discuss ideas is important. Taking several unanswered questions to their conclusion, with a first answer, will clear the path to focus on questions that require further research. The final goal is to resolve every relevant request, and make the solutions clear for everyone that need them promptly. You can look for my profile in Unity Forums as well, I have “spammed” the forums with solutions for very old topics without answers. I do that every time I find a question related to another case, mostly Premium Support tickets.