[META] What to do if you aren't getting any Answer here...

Hello there,

It kind of often happens that I don’t get an answer on here and also can’t find a solution myself!

I recently posted a Question and now posted it again and i seem to not get any answers for it even though i think its a basic one…

The question now is: What do you guys do if you don’t get help here? is there another page like this? or maybe a library where to check if its listed there? i know of this one here already : Unity - Scripting API:

Thanks in advance!

What you do is go back to your previous question and update it with any new information - what have you tried since asking it, where else have you looked for information, what alternatives have you tried (and ruled out, if the problem still exists).

People are much more likely to lend assistance to people who are seen to be trying to help themselves :slight_smile:

There are many reasons for not getting an answer here.

One of them is simply that not many users are online. Sometimes people get a little confused over what someone is asking. Sometimes the question has been asked so many times that noone wants to bother writing the same thing for the hundredth time. Sometimes there is simply not enough information for anyone to help. Sometimes no-one can help but yourself.

Sometimes people just don’t know the answer.

Try breaking down the question in to smaller parts. Research each part separately and try the techniques in a smaller environment.
Approach UA with refined, specific questions and show that you have done your research.