[META] When should Questions be Closed?

I see some questions on this forum that have been closed just because they have been answered and an answer has been accepted. This seems odd, because most questions that have accepted answers have not been closed.

I also see questions that have been closed for what seems to be a more legitimate reason, like being off-topic, etc.

So, what does it mean for a question to be closed?

A Question is closed when it has run its course.

There are only two cases in which a question is not closed.

  1. It is unanswered (and non-discussive)

  2. It is answered but it is very likely that there are more possible solutions, or there could be further information to add to the QA.

Aside from these, questions are closed. You may make a request to re-open a question.

Note that although you can’t answer a closed question you can still leave a comment.

Asking a follow up question will not keep a question open.