Meta: Why can another user accept an answer to my question?

I asked the question How to prevent Unity from renaming public variables? on Unity Answers.

Out of a sudden I got a notification that someone else has accepted an answer to my question.

I can’t even Remove this answer’s accepted status.

This is not only very different from the SE/SO sites I am used to, but also deprives me of the possibility to maybe accept a different, more fitting answer to my very own question.

How is this possible? Is that intended procedure?

This is possible because of this. The questions here should be general questions about Unity. So “personal questions” are actually wrong here. They belong to the forum. Only high Karma ppl can accept answers on other peoples questions. Personally i only accept an answer if:

  • The question and answer is at least 7 days old
  • The answer is correct (and i’m 99% sure of that).
  • The OP hasn’t been on for a few days or doesn’t react to comments.

This is just cleanup work because the OP somehow missed to accept an answer or (like most new users) just don’t know that he should. In most cases a comment to the OP should be enough.

There’s always a chance that someone “abuses” his abilities, however if he has enough karma to accept an answer it’s unlikely that he does this in an abusive way.

This site is ment as knowledge base and not a usual Q&A site. It’s like a selfgrowing collections of common problems you might stumble on when using Unity.