[meta] Why was my question deleted and where is it now?

I wrote a question yesterday for something that I think I had tried to research in some detail and couldn’t find a good answer for, so I wrote a question with details on what I was trying to do, code, reference to the manual for something that might be related to what I was trying to do but couldn’t see how to apply it to my use case, etc. I think that it was a decent question at least. The question was more than 8 hours on moderation and after that it disappeared, never to be seen again and no info whatsoever on why it was deleted! To make it worse, I don’t seem to be able to find my question anywhere, is there a deleted questions folder or something like that? Now if I want to ask this again:

  1. I don’t know what I need to change to make it better

  2. Even if I knew what the problem was, I have to write all over instead of modifying my original question.

  3. And again, I should be able to access my past questions, even if deleted in case I want to ask this in another (hopefully more tolerant) site without going into writing everything again

While this is something that happened to me and I’m interested in knowing, I’m also wondering about the big picture, i.e. how does this play in the users as a whole. I’ve read in some discussions that one of the problems with this site is that it’s lacking critical mass of users among other things and this kind of attitude doesn’t play well towards that to be honest. I think these kind of things is a very good reason for a new user to go away after their first question to never be seen again. Specially when some effort was put into asking.

Your question is located here.


I found this by going to your profile page, then clicking on the activity tab.


In general we are not in the habit of reversing other mods decisions. You were provided with a link to the tutorial that will solve your problem. Follow the link. If you have further questions come back with the coroutine you have built.