Method for grabbing rigidbody

I am making a game where the player can pick up and place objects. When the player is placing the objects I use a hingjoint and connect it to a “hand” object that moves to a raycast point (this ‘hand’ is a Kinematic rigidbody). This works well but when the object being placed contacts and pushes other rigidbodys it pushes them with an unlimited force.

Is there a way I can use this method (or another method) and make it so the object being carried is only held in place with a limited force?

I think a quick method if the other object has rigid body is to manipulate it’s velocity on collision like so.

rigidbody.velocity =;

Good example here

Well a secondary method would be to write a script and have it clamp the maximum force applied to something reasonable, but a more practical solution maybe to place a break force on your hinge joint. If the object you are carrying resists motion too much the joint will break and the object will fall free. It may also be possible to set the object you pick up to have almost zero mass (absolute zero won’t work) so it cannot interact with other physics objects in any meaningful way.