Mic input to Scale data in live time?

I'm looking to make a demo of using a mic's input data to alter the size/color of an object in realtime.

Is this even possible with Unity? Turn incoming audio data into color/scale info as the game goes.

Endgame would be towards an experimental demo for an adventure game that uses audio input for attacks/puzzles and other stuff.

Unfortunately there is no build-in support for that in Unity. This means you either need a plugin for it (Unity Pro) or use a separate program that communicate using TCP/IP connection. Haven't really read into it but maybe this is something useful.

There is a FMOD Plugin for Unity available in the forum.

If FMOD supports direct microphone input you should also be able to analyze volume, direction, etc. to modify your objects

don’t know if this is still helpfull but i resently wrote a script for pulling mic input into a float