Microphone Recording

Hi, I am trying to record from the microphone using the Microphone class, but running in simulator gives me: Starting microphone failed: "An error occurred trying to initialize the recording device. " (70)

Code: Microphone.Start(Microphone.devices[0], false, 10, 44100);

I made sure that permissions are granted in Info.plist. Am I doing something wrong or is this not implemented yet?


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Microphone usage is currently not supported. We should be able to support it in the future, but there are no concrete timelines for that yet.

Thank you for the clarification! I was able to get the microphone to work by programming a native plugin.

@vcheung-unity : not supported on the simulator, or also not supported on the device itself?

It’s not supported on either through Unity, but you can write a native plugin to get it to work. I was able to get it to work well and can help if needed.

@oliran ahh, thanks for the info!

I might get back to you on that offer at a later point.

@vcheung-unity Mic and keyboard input are quite important for accessibility options in our app. Mic support is perhaps the most important feature we need at the moment and our biggest blocker.

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hey curious about your plugin ?

Hey, curious to see how you got it to work.