Microsoft Surface Touch screen keyboard

How can I open native OnScreen keyboard on MS Surface? Is it possible at all? At the time it doesn’t show automaticly when clicked on text field. I searched for information about it but no luck.

Hello, @FWalters
I don’t remember where I got it from but here it is

Though it might not work straight away, because it’s modified for my own project.

For setup, drag SimpleQWERTY_Square(Others seem to not work) prefab into the scene. At the time, when key is pressed, it sends message to object called Manager in the scene (you can change that in OnScreenKeyboard.cs line 391) . The message calls AddLetter method and sends pressed key value.
It also seems that the prefab is missing some script and I don’t remember what that was supposed to be :slight_smile: The keyboard can be easily edited as you want.

If demand will be higher I might work on that keyboard and make it easily implemented and to look like windows tablet original one.