Migrate from UnityARKit to ARFoundation


I see that Unity AR Kit plugin has been deprecated. I have been using Unity ARKit plugin and now have to move to ARFoundation. My primary usage of ARKit plugin is with ARWorldMap.

So far i have been using Unity 2018.3.14f1 but it looks like I have to use Unity 2019.1+ for ARFoundation.

Is there any migration guide or can anyone give me recommendations. I would also like to know where to start ARFoundation?

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Unity ARKit Plugin

Unity ARFoundation

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Good question!

Millions of Unity developer hours could be saved here if there's either an automated converter (like TextMeshPro package updates) or at least a very clear guide for upgrade.

Thanks @ina . I have several request of such kind for no response. My ARFoundation setup is like this :

Unity Version : 2019.1.6f1

ARFoundation Version : preview.2 - 2.2.0

ARKit Plugin : Preview 5 - 2.1.0

Device iOS : 12.+

XCode Version : 10.2.1

What is yours? Maybe we could help each other.

Theres a few fundamental conceptual changes that would make automatic conversion a bit tricky.

Manually converting over only takes an hour or two though… have done this recently on a project and it wasn’t too painful, just be mindful of the change in concepts.

@enhawk Thank you for the reply. I have been searching for 3 elements for the past 2 weeks. Could you please help me locate these? I would highly appreciate it.

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  • Session Interruption Start/Ended Event
  • Session Failed Event

ARFoundation has auto resume. The nearest approximation I think is this:

I think tracking reason has gone away, but theres a bunch of things you query the system state on.

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@enhawk :
Thank you very much for your reply. I highly appreciate it. I have one small question. Could you please explain what you meant by the following? I am unable to understand.