Migrating from Easy Mobile to Essential Kit (Voxel Busters)

Hi Devs,
We would like to have this thread for the users who are planning to migrate to Essential Kit as Easy Mobile got abandoned.

Please check below for a quick overview on the differences among the two plugins to give an idea if Essential Kit fits your needs properly.

Feel free to add your queries in this thread and also any time you can contact our discord server support for a quicker discussion.

Offer : Users who purchases Essential Kit will get a massive discount of > 60% for all of our other plugins! This is valid till April 20th!

Also, we offer integration services (NDA friendly) where we handle the complete migration. This helps in saving lot of time and efforts for your team. Integration pricing is very affordable in the range of $150 - $200 per project. Contact us for more details.


Update :
Billing feature offered currently supports only Consumables/Non-Consumables. Subscriptions feature is under development. Contact our support team for ETA/Beta.
VB Team

Can you describe, briefly, how your "Cloud save" works? Unity has one where it's all uncompressed JSON, KVPs. We have a private custom made one that saves and serves a single Base-64 file (in Azure). What's your solution like?

Cloud Save feature internally uses iCloud Key-Value storage and Saved games services on iOS and Android respectively.

We wrap it with a single unified api which kind of looks like PlayerPrefs with additional api for resolving conflicts(as external storage is involved).

Please have a look here for the guide on Cloud Save.

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It looks like a nice asset!
I have some questions:
- When you estimate that version 3.0 will be released?
- Will you support IAP / Ads initialization from code?
- Will you support Amazon Store?
- Regarding ads, will you have an automatic loader for the ads? This feature is quite important.

Thank you!


I'm doing the migration from Easy Mobile and the issue I'm having now is that on the IBillingProduct interface you don't expose the product type (Consumable/Non-Consumable).

The reason to ask for this is that locally to the game client, I prefer to use the plugin definition of the product for actual money related IAPs instead to have to either duplicate them (as I have to add them anyway in the inspector, haven't found in the documentation a way to do it programatically) or have another source to enrich it (in which case I'd have to duplicate the type which is error prone anyway).

Is there any way I can get that data?
Can you expose that in a patch?
Bonus points if you'd add a way to add a key value pair field on the Editor product definition (which is then available on the IBillingProduct interface) to add extra developer related metadata to the products.


IBillingProductDefinition is the one you see in the inspector. May be you are looking for that.
You can pass your billing product definitions to our InitializeStore method.

I suppose you contacted us on our discord support. Please lets continue over there :)

When you estimate that version 3.0 will be released?
V3 will be available on store within 2.5 - 3 months from now. But Ads Kit beta will be bit a head (Ads Kit will be a separate plugin but, offered for free with V3 essential kit)

Will you support IAP / Ads initialization from code?
Yes, we do IAP product id's feeding from code since v2. Ads initialization can be done through code as well. Would love to know more details about the exact usage. We can discuss over our discord support if you are interested.

Will you support Amazon Store?
Recently we started on wrapping Unity IAP as an alternative to our current billing implementation. Our current billing implementation is a custom one and free from analytics. Where as with Unity's IAP we can target more platforms. So with the Unity IAP wrapper, we let devs to choose based on their requirement. So yes, Amazon will be supported considering Unity IAP supports it already.

Regarding ads, will you have an automatic loader for the ads? This feature is quite important.
Yes, we support auto loader. Please ping us on discord support for adding yourself to Ads Kit beta list.

VB Team


We would like to move all our games to Essentials, but the price is insanely high?
I our country we would need to pay additionally 25% just in sales taxes.

We currently use Easy Mobile Pro and only have 1 issue with a interface that is not working in new version of Unity, everything else is working as it should. So the 125$ pay for new product + developer to change all games will be expensive.

Do we get discount code if we move over?


Well, while we love to offer discount based on purchasing power, unfortunately UAS doesn't offer any options to support it. So, sorry to say we can't do anything about it.

However, we can tell you one thing that money invested will save you alot in the future. Currently, the plugin can save you a lot in-terms of man hours once migrated for thr following reasons.
1. We simulate most of the features on editor - this avoids testing mandatorily on device everytime for non-depenedent feature testing.
2. We cover most native functionalities so that you don't need to go for multiple plugins. We nearly have 11 features
3. Battle tested by nearly 15,000+ users
4. We don't have dependency on external plugins (except ads). All features are developed inhouse so that we can work on the fixes rather than waiting for third party plugin fixes.
5. We keep updating the asset regularly.
6. We are constantly supporting the product since 2015.

Hope you see a value by migrating to Essential Kit

VB Team

It's hardly "insanely priced". If you can't make that investment back with a week's worth of your game's Ad or IAP revenue, then why bother at all?
But asides from that, I see it's on sale right now at have price! Go get it!

i bought it full Price, but they made a reply inside another thread for Mobile Pro and normally it would make sense to give a discount to get all the customers migrating

We would like to get an offer live from today.
Users who purchases Essential Kit can get a massive discount of nearly > 60% for all of our other plugins! This is valid till April 20th!
Hope new users find it useful!

March 20th? What year, cuz it's already April.

Yikes! Sorry, it should be April. Updated!
Thanks for the note @LilGames :)

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Id really like to migrate from EMP to CPNP too. But its too high for me as well plus i cant buy anything from asset store since some doing in my country. So i have no options :(

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We can setup a external purchase system on our website but it will be more troublesome for developers in the future as you miss the benifits of asset store distribution. For ex: getting updates on new releases, invoices along with your other assets and so on). For that matter only option is to purchase via asset store!

Essential Kit is on 50% OFF SALE! Grab it now!

When will ads SDK be supported?

We are closing the development for Ads Kit and should be soon available once it passes beta.
It won't be part of Essential Kit and will be a separate asset.

However, It will be offered for free for Essential Kit users for a certain period post it's release. If you are interested in beta, please ping us on discord.

VB Team

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I asked on discord if Ads will be part of essential kit and they said yes, it will be part of version 3.0.