Minecraft Biomes: How to Make?

I’ve been making a minecraft-like game, but based on surface exploration, not mining. So no breaking blocks.

I have a 50x50 grid of cubes snapping to the player’s position, and they are updated every frame to a height corresponding to their position using perlin noise.

My question is, how do I divide the land into “patches” or biomes based on their position? I just need a simple algorithm.

I assume you just want to divide land into regions and not a lot else?

You could generate a random Voroni Diagram and use its resulting cells to classify blocks.

You could make the classification as part of the generation system and use a 3D Langdon’s ant. Langton's ant - Wikipedia

By “patches” or biomes I assume you mean something like this: http://puu.sh/44OWx.jpg

In which case you need to create a minimum of 3 perlin functions to determine a biome. You can call them what you want but most people refer to Ground Height, Rainfall, and Temprature to determine the outcome for a biome. That’s what I used in this example. I hope that help clarify this a little.