Minecraft styled death?

How do I make a death animation and then the object disappear and then it plays particles on the spot where it died?

The following is a SUPER simple example of how you would do it, you could get a little more sophisticated by using different animations and movements with LeanTween.

Try using LeanTween and do the following:

public GameObject player;

LeanTween.rotate(player, new Vector3(90f,0f,0f), 1.5f);

To have it disappear the easiest way would be:

public GameObject player;


After the LeanTween animation has finished.

As for the particles,

  1. Create an Empty Game Object.
  2. Add these components, [Ellipsoid Particle Emitter, Particle Renderer, Particle Animator]
  3. Set ellipsoid particle emitter to one shot:

List item

Play around with and tweak the particles until you get the desired effect.

The sequence in one script would be: Make the gameobject play death animation>spawn all the particles/drop items>delete the gameobject.
I seriously suggest you learn programming js/c# before trying to make anything in Unity, after that learn this and then you’d think twice before asking questions with enormous magnitude to them.

I suggest you to learn Java(it’s like javascript) since it’s easier at start than c#, and here is a good place to start.