Mini map form Bitmap and Vision cone.


I’d like to make a minimap for one of my project.
I managed to do one with some tutorials i’ve found but they involve another cam on top pointing at my scene.
It’s for a web project so i’d like to do a minimap form a bitmap image (png, jpg, etc…) to avoid wasting ressources on a second camera poiting at my scene.

And over this i’d like to add a red dot to symbolize the player and a cone to represent his vision… And i’ve no knowledge in any programmation language…

Do you know a way to do this?


Hi there. We exactly implemented this behaviour in the KGFMapSystem. Instead of rendering the scene a second time by using the minimap camera, we are taking a photo of the scene/terrain. The minimap camera is only rendering the photo so you have top performance.

The KGFMapSystem has 1000 other cool features like saveable fog of war, but just have a look for yourself.

If you have any other questions or need any support just contact us at