Minimal functional SRP on 2022.x

We are using a custom ScriptableRenderPipeline (SinglePassInstanced for XR), and somewhere between 2022.1.24f1 and 2022.2.0f1 a wealth of XR-related functionality broke :

  • using camera.GetStereoProjectionMatrix() gives a warning and returns an identity-matrix
  • the shaderkeyword STEREO_INSTANCING_ON is not getting set for shaders
  • rendertextures are not being assigned correctly as textures (probably due to the above missing keyword)

It feels like we are missing some initialisation, causing automatic handling of the above to fail. 2D rendering remains functional in 2022.2.

Could you shed some light on what the minimal SRP is to render something to XR in 2022+? This is my current minimal SRP-setup, which works well <2021, but fails on 2022+:

The above example is not using renderpasses, or the XRSystem/XRPass from render-pipelines.core.xr - I am unsure to what extent this, or something else, might have been introduced as a requirement?

Just to be clear, this fails on all devices after 2022.2.0.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mikkel-Gjoel990

This sounds like a generic Unity/XR issue that’s not specific to PolySpatial. If so, I’d urge you to post this question to Graphics - Unity Forum, as that’ll get this question in front of the team most qualified to help you!

If I’m misreading the symptoms, however, please clarify!