Minimalist - LowPoly Flat/Gradient Shader


Minimalist is a shader package to help you make stunning looking low-poly/stylized games for any platform. Packed with hundreds of parameters with an easily accessible uber inspector, will help customize the look of your game however you want.

Features :
☐ Shade all sides of a mesh with Vertex Color/Flat Color/Gradient independently within one material
☐ No UV needed for coloring
☐ Diffuse Textures support for surface details, decals etc
☐ Prebaked/UnityBaked AO support. Customizable
☐ Unity Lightmap support. Additive/Multiplicative
☐ Global Unity Fog support
☐ Per material customizable Height fog
☐ Per material color correction
☐ Rim Light for rounded objects
☐ Ambient Color
☐ Color tweakable Realtime Shadow
☐ Transparency
☐ Double Sided
☐ No lighting means High Performance
☐ LightWeight Render pipeline
☐ Mobile/VR ready
☐ Easy to use, comes with a Uber Inspector
☐ 8 sample scenes included
☐ Gradient Skybox shader included

Minimalist Standard Shader
Minimalist Standard LWRP Shader
Minimalist Standard (local space) Shader
Minimalist Standard (local space) LWRP Shader
Uber Inspector
Gradient skybox shader
8 sample scenes

Would you like me to see where you’re using it? Submit a game for the porfolio!

Twitter: @isfaq98


Great asset, love the look of it!

You mention no lighting, but would it in theory support lighting and shadows?

Thanks for your compliment.
Yes, you can have shadows in it and even can customize the shadows. But shadows are performance hungry, so if you want, you can get away without any lighting and shadows in many cases in games the package is intended to be used for.

I emailed you my query, But will ask it here as well in case the mail gets missed.

I wanted to use it in my VR game, however when I tried the demo, the "Unity Fog Support" was not working. Is it intentional in demo version? If yes, then I can use in my VR game without worrying about unity fog?


I'm getting following error when running a game in Unity 2018.3:

Unable to use a named GUIStyle without a current skin. Most likely you need to move your GUIStyle initialization code to OnGUI
Minimalist.MinimalistStandardEditor:.ctor() (at Assets/Minimalist v2.3/Editor/MinimalistStandardEditor.cs:720)

Good afternoon, can you please update plug-in in correspondence with changed shader API from LWRP - they are pushing the full release of the LWRP 6.0.0 on 23.02.2019 and they have done quite a few major changes. I fear the current version is not compatible even with the latest preview package of LWRP 5.x.x.
Tested this plug-in with preview 3.0.0, it worked fine even with the shaders enabled )

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I'm working on a New version of Minimalist. Here are the new features I have in mind for it
Multi Color Gradient per face [Upto 8 colors]
Real-time Light support
New Improved fog
Directional and Screen Space texture
Transparency support in all colors
Lowpoly cloud and water shader
Unity 2019 compatibility and full LWRP support

Let me know your thoughts. I'll be posting updates on these here.

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I would love the compatibility with 2019 and LWRP.

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I just imported it into a 2019.1.1f1 project and I got the following errors:


Can you deselect the object, clear the console and reselect again? It happens sometimes when the editor is showing and compiling at the same time.
I’m working on it to fix and make it work in 2019 editors. I’ll post updates as soon as I’m done.

I'm using the Free / Standard shader and I can't get shadows to appear on the game object. Is that intentional?

I just cleared the console on my 2019.1.1f1 Project and it seems to be working.

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Yes. Shadow is only available in the full version and works with the built in render pipeline.

Hi there, love you asset! Wanted to ask you, is it possible to access skybox material's properties (such as exponent and Intensity) from script to change those on the go?

In your video for v2 features there is a segment where you add a texture to the top face of the box you are working with. I only have your free version but I dont seem to be able to figure out how to do this. I am able to set a Main Texture but that wraps around the whole object...not just a single face. Is this a Paid feature only?


That model’s uv was like that. There is no such features to add texture to a particular face yet. You have to uv unwrap your model in a way so that the texture gets placed on whichever face you want.

Sorry about the late reply.
If you select the shader file, you can see the property names in the inspector. For the sky shader, there are the property names : _Color1, _Color2, _Intensity, _Exponent

Hi, I am interested in your package but i see a simlar package Called Colr, Can you tell me how your package is better than this one?

Hi, Minimalist has a lot more features than any similar assets currently available in the store. Features as intuitive Gradient Editor, Transparency, Prebaked/UnityBaked AO, double-sided and much more. most importantly, every feature is highly customizable with the Custom inspector it has. It uses the latest shader libraries and supports LWRP in Unity 2019. Please check out the feature demo video provided.

Hi, does the shader support unity lights? I would like to add a directional light with cookie but I can't seem to make it work with the Minimalist Standard shader...