Minimap camera display size.

I have a problem with a minimap im creating, i have a secondary camera that displays objects for my minimap, but have it only display a “miniMap” layer. I want to be able to show icons for different objects to be represented on the minimap. Right now i want my minimap to cover the whole level, but the camera can only represent a part of it. I tried changing the FOV and clipping planes, but my camera seems to display things very far away, and i cannot get it to view all of my level. My level is 300000 units in size on x and y , and my camera seems to only be able to view in a rectangle. How can i stretch this, and display my entire level (without distortion of icons in level) and also make objects not seem too far away. My icons are above each object i want todisplay, and the objects only show in the main camera, and icons in minimap by culling.

Hopefully this is enough info, if not i can post pictures of my scene.

Anybody have any ideas on this?

You can only make a Square and Circle MiniMap. The easiest map to make is a Square.

So lets get started.

  1. Make a new camera in the scene and call it “MiniMap”

  2. Take a look at the “Normalized View Port Rect”

  3. Set the W and the H to 0.2 or 0.1, your choice.

  4. And then set the Y to 0.8.

  5. Then put a script to the camera called “SmoothFollow”

  6. And then set the Target to your Player

  7. Then change the distance from 1 to 20

  8. And the Distance from 30 to 50, the rest is all 7

  9. Then its your choice to set it Perspective(3D) or Orthographic(2D)