Minimap, smooth follow and top down?

I’m having awesome fun with unity but I have a question…

I’ve made a minimap, and have a first person guy on the screen. i’ve set the minimap camera to smoothfollow as I move around.

This is okay, but the minimap camera slowly moves down to follow the character…I want it to stay in the air and look down at my character, but still follow him…

How do?

I don’t really know what is in the SmoothFollow script, but it sounds like you should just make your own one. Something like this (c#, just a quick pseudo-code type-up, untested).

public transform target; // player

public float cameraHeight = 50f; // the Y of the camera

public float speed = 10f; // speed of the follow

void Update(){

Vector3 newPosition = target.position;

newPosition.y = cameraHeight; // you could also use += here to make it the heigh above the player instead of a constant height.

transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(Transform.position, newPosition, Time.deltaTime * speed);



Answering my own question…

Add the minimap camera element from below to the first person controller as a child.

Add " smooth look at" for effect.

To make minimap camera element, make a camera, then change “normalized view port rect” to fractional values and DEPTH TO A HIGH VALUE, like 1.