Minimize GUI Windows

I'm sure the answer is simple, but it is escaping me at the moment ...

How would I go about minimizing a GUI Window into a draggable "tab" which contains the minimize / maximize buttons and visible title.

I have the contents, the buttons, title, etc .. my issue is that the GUI Window doesn't resize "up" when I remove the contents from the window. My current approach has a boolean flag wrapping my window contents (true = show, false = hide). I'm assuming the Window would bounce back, but it does not.

Want the body to scale upwards

Any ideas, or new approaches I can look into for minimizing a window?

Much appreciated!

  • Ace

Use the if statements, make each GUI in its own script.

So one script would have the GUI open, maximized, another would have it minimized, and if the play clicks/uses/toggles the button (The lil +/- button), it'll disable the script with it, and enable the other, giving an effect that you're doing that, but in reality, you're just enabling and disabling in the same frame...

Does that make sense?