Minimum value in public variables?

I have public integers that is controlling the size of a generated map. I don’t want them to go below a particular value. Is there a way to limit the lower bound similar to [Range(0, 100)]?

edit_1: I could have the script force values lower to be the min, but I’d rather not. I feel like that would be lazier. The only other thing is I could catch it before (once there is more to the project) the script runs.


public int example1;

public float example2;

Code explanation:
If you type (in inspector) something under the minimum, after you press enter it will set it back to the minimum.
Or in this case - example1 & example2 minimum allowed input in inspector is 0.

WARNING - it only works in inspector, so if you were to set it in code to something under the minimum, it will stay under the minimum.

so in this case:

void function()
example1 = -2;
example2 = -2f;
//It will stay -2, even though the minimum is 0

You can implement OnValidate and force the minimum. For example:

void OnValidate() {
    distance = Mathf.Max(distance, 0);

make a public int in the script called lowerBound use the inspector to set it to whatever value you want.

You could also make it private and set it in the script, but public would probably be easier for you to manipulate with the inspector.

Range(lowerBound, 100); //gives a number between lowerBound and 100 or if you want no limit use what ValooFX said and use MaxValue instead of 100;

BUT, if you want to set a limit to a number later, like “on the fly” , or just to convert:

//If the number is less than the minimum amount, then return that, otherwise return itself
numToMin = numToMin < minOf ? minOf : numToMin;
//As well as clamp does the same, returning the float as maximum
numToMin = Mathf.Clamp(numToMin, preferredMin, numToMin);

You can make a function from that, and probably you can also define a statement to a new temporary number with one line of code.