MinMaxSlider GUI for my game

I am looking for a GUI element that has the functionality of the MinMaxSlider of the Unity Editor. But I would like to use this type of GUI in my game. The simple GUI.HorizontalSlider is not good enough because HorizontalSlider provides one slider that returns one value while with the MinMaxSlider you can change a range. The left part of the slider can change independently of the right part of the slider.

Lets say you have a slider with “all of time” and you want to see the events that happened between 1234BC and 56AD. I would like to achieve something like that.

Where can I find such an element.

You could overlap two horizontal sliders on top of each other and and limit the range of the left one to not go greater than the right one and the right one to not go less than the left one. There’s no built in solution to this

I would highly suggest forgetting about Unity’s built-in GUI and investing in NGUI, or using the free version. It is much more powerful, event-driven and has some good slider examples.