Minute Timer Issue

function Awake() {
  startTime = Time.time;
function OnGUI() {  
   guiTime = Time.time - startTime - pausedTime;
   minutes = guiTime/60;
   seconds = guiTime%60;

For some reason the minute timer is going up by 1 at 30 seconds and then after that it seems fine. So I tried 120 (since it stopped at 30 sec) it worked fine for the first minute but then had issue after that. Am I missing something?

For the pausedTime it's always 0 unless a pause has occurred which it then subtracts the time it was paused.


var minutes : int = Mathf.Floor(guiTime / 60);

Found the answer, I'm an idiot and forgot about the rounding up once it gets above .5. Well got it.