Mirror dedicated server many rooms

Hi. I'm setting up Mirror with the goal of having a dedicated server with many rooms. The rooms will only hold one player. It's a single player experience but I want to use mirror for server authority.

I'm using Mirror rooms. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

you can use one server instance for each room with different ports .
you can for example auth and backend using any network solution like socket io , darknet or litenetlib then the server can start headless unity server with random port sending to the client so they can connect to it I already used that and I think Microsoft Azure has the same solution but automated . (sorry for short describe just got little time)

Do you mean a server per game, or one server for many games like this?

Why do you want server auth for a single player game?

I have made progress on this.

I'm using additive scenes and Mirror scene interest manager to load the same scene for many clients (dungeons). But now I am running into another issue. I've got a data store game object for each scene. The client is aware of its own data store but the server is not. The server is aware of all data stores. Anyone know how can I find the correct data store component to interact with on the server ?

You get gold and other potentially valuable items for killing mobs.

Okay, but why would you need a server for this? Are you planning on having a leaderboard or some other way for players to interact or compete?

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Yep, leaderboard as well. Why wouldn’t I need a server for valuable items? They are tradable on a secondary market.

Hving a server would:
-Make development MUCH harder.
-Cost you at least 100$/month (probably much more)
-Add LAG, which would make the experience in general much worse.

And all of that for trading items? Can you please elaborate a bit on that?

I don’t think you’ve thought this through. Valuables are only tradeable if you make it possible to trade them. If a server were a way to prevent people from trading valuable items we wouldn’t have secondary markets, and companies like Blizzard wouldn’t have to continually crack down on gold selling for World of Warcraft.

The server is meant to validate that they earned the valuable item. I want them to sell them on secondary! They are NFTs! I’ve worked out a pretty good solution to all of this.