Mirror: How to have the player object active before connecting to spawn it.

I couldn’t find this in Mirror’s docs hence the Q: I want the player prefab to exist and be enabled in the multiplayer scene before it connects, or others connect to it.

Bellow is why I want to do this, if you have a better solution or design please let me know!

I want to have the player object work both in multiplayer and singleplayer scenes. This means I need the NetworkBehaviour with the networkeIdentity to not be automatically disabled, and instead of spawning a new player prefab when the player joins, the one already in the scene is used.

If this is not possible how would I design around this if that is what I want? Do I really need 2 different player prefabs for multiplayer and singleplayer?


Do you want a lobby before other people log in? Or do you just want to have a single player space and a multiplayer space? @dragfie