Mirror isn't syncing the sprite renderer

So, I am using mirror for networking and when I try to flip my sprite on the x-axis, it flips it on the screen of the Local Player, but it doesn’t flip it on other clients. The sprite I put in the sprite renderer does appear on other clients however. What do I do?

Edit: Turns out, you have to sync it with a custom sync var

public class SyncSpriteFlip
    private SpriteRenderer spriteRenderer;

    [SyncVar(hook = nameof(OnSpriteFlip))]
    private bool flipX;

    private void OnSpriteFlip(bool oldValuve, bool newValue)
      spriteRenderer.flipX = newValue;

    [Command] //command, because only the player prefab is telling the server to flip
    public void SetFlipX(bool newState)
        flipX = newState

It has to be done with unity component fields like that for any value that has to be changed over the network