Mirror match

Hello, I am trying to create an android game where players face each other. What i want is that both players get to spawn on the left and see the other player on the right part of the screen. I am using the network manager but i cant find how to do this. Any ideas? Thank you.

Hi :slight_smile:

It isn’t clear exactly what you are asking.

If one has Rect Transform (x = - 2) with Rect Transform rotation (y = 90)
and the other has Rect Transform (x = 2) with Rect Transform rotation (y = -90)
They should be left and right of middle and face each other; if they face opposite directions, play with the rotation numbers.

Hello danosono thanks fopr the answer, yes i just want them to have the same perspective as the player, both being the character on the left, seeing their opponent on the right side while they play. Kind of a fight game where in every match you will always be on the same part if the screen.

I am not sure if thats possible.