Mirror material in Indie?

Is there a way to have some sort of mirror effect in the indie version…so far Ive only been able to find methods of achieving a reflective surface using the pro version of unity…any ideas?

I do not believe that this can be achived in the indie version of Unity3D.

You properly need to invest in the PRO version if you want to have a mirror effect.

You can duplicate and flip the models (scale by -1 on the Y axis).

There’s a hard way of doing this. You can write your own renderer that will render form camera and output the info to a texture.
A friend of mine did that once and it worked pretty well, but it’s rather slow. By slow I mean the reflection updates once per 1.5-2 seconds or your fps drops low if you want faster update time.

I’m interested in this as well… I wonder what the suggested method would be for getting a reflection from a shiny floor… Not like a true mirror, but a floor being “so clean you can see yourself in it” kind of thing.