Mirror reflection

Is there any way to do that yet? I have had hope that it will be possible in Unity 5 but it’s not. I’ve tried to do that using reflection props but ther ayre useless in this case.

You could use a rendertexture on a plane and place a camera behind the plane. This is the easiest option and requires no scripting.

Alternatively use a reflective shader.

There is also the Reflection Probe which is best in realtime, otherwise it’s just baked. (Expensive though)

Edit: After playing with probes, you are right : The quality is dismal, objects are out of place and the wrong size and it all changes every time you resize anything.

I did find this on the wiki which actually gives better results, but still not perfect.:


Probes are now viable but still a bit meh in some conceptual ways.
to get it to work as a mirror I used this script:
var plane : GameObject;
var character : GameObject;

var offset : float;

var directionFaced : Direction;

function Update () {

	if(directionFaced == Direction.X){
		offset = (plane.transform.position.x - character.transform.position.x);
		transform.position.x = plane.transform.position.x + offset;

		transform.position.y = character.transform.position.y;
		transform.position.z = character.transform.position.z;
	if(directionFaced == Direction.Y){
		offset = (plane.transform.position.y - character.transform.position.y);
		transform.position.x = character.transform.position.x;
		transform.position.y = plane.transform.position.y + offset;
		transform.position.z = character.transform.position.z;
	if(directionFaced == Direction.Z){
		offset = (plane.transform.position.z - character.transform.position.z);
		transform.position.x = character.transform.position.x;
		transform.position.y = character.transform.position.y;
		transform.position.z = plane.transform.position.z + offset;

//makes the possible directions 
public enum Direction{

With the variable “plane” being the mirror surface and the “character” being the player’s camera.
There’s a few other things I had to do to make this actually work and I go into step by step detail in the video here.