Mirror reflections and stereoscopy

Hello everyone !

I am having an issue with stereoscopy and mirrors. This is happening with a HTC Vive and the steamVR asset, but it does not seem to be related to the hardware.

I am using shaders to render mirrors (as someone explained in the video - YouTube). It works, but not perfectly well as the images of right and left eyes are very different and the brain cannot merge it.

Any idea where the issue would be ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I did this once for the Vive,
What worked for me was creating 2 mirror camera’s, each following an eye.

Both camera’s follow the eyes on the other side of the mirror, and with a reflect you can calculate the rotation.
Then send the RenderTexture of both eyes to a shader variable.
Finally you could use layers to render 2 mirrors, one for each eye. And each mirror should render (in screen space) the corresponding rendertexture.

I found this beautifull example on google:
alt text