Mirrors of a car?

Hello, we all know the backward mirrors of a car :stuck_out_tongue:

my question is, since i don’t have unity pro and i am an absolute retard when it comes to understanding cubemaps,
is it possible to hook a camera onto the mirror and projecting the camera’s field of view as a backward mirror?

if yes, how is this done?

at the moment i’m trying it like this :

var Mirror : Camera;

var reflection : Cubemap;

reflection = Mirror.RenderToCubemap(reflection);

he’es expecting a boolean though and i don’t get why.

Well, i’ve reviewed the code and now got this :

function Update () 


rueckspiegel.Texture.Cubemap = spiegelmap;

//But i don't seem to get how to assign the cubemap to my mirror now.


If you want mirrors in realtime without Pro, you can use multiple cameras. You’ll need some kind of fancy maths to get the perfect matrix, or you can just tweak it until it looks good.

For non-realtime, do what you are doing above, but follow the documentation rather than your intuition … or ask yourself why you would both pass a parameter and use the return value… with to same variable.