Miscellenous questions about blender and unity

Hello, I’m sitting on a few questions regarding different aspects of blender, unity and performance

My first question is related to polycounts and performance. Since machine specs differ, what would be a good lowerbound for polycount (total polycount on screen) to aim for to ensure that there is little to no performance issue?

Another question that I have is related to physics and partical importing between blender and unity. A little search revealed a post saying that only bone-aided animations were portable, and another saying that partical effects porting is not supported, but the posts were made 4 years ago and 2 years ago respectively, so I’m wondering if there has been any updates to this.

Am I right to assume that there is no problem making hair in Blender, then importing it to unity? As an follow up, is hair very straining to render? What about hair that follows soft-body animation?

Thanks in advance

i carnt awner many of these but i had quite i think in terms of poly count unity isnt to bad i had about 20 low detail models runing quite well on my laptop wich isnt very god proceser or graphics card wise not shure how many polys ther wher but ide say a good 5000 + unles ime geting what polys are wrong are they faces ?? or something

Polycount is impossible to answer. It all depends on the system your aiming for, what type of game it is, how complex the shaders/textures are, etc.

Bone based animations only. (AFAIK)

If you are able to import hair depends on what kind of hair. A renderer based hair is impossible to import into Unity, polygons with a texture are imported just fine, animated or not.