Missile Homing and correcting the "dead zone"

I have a similar problem to this:

But i am unsure how to implement those, most game is see is where they slow down the moving object to increase its steering potential (decreasing the shadow region where it cant go to due to steer limits).

How would i detect it entering this orbit and then just decrease its velocity? (i am using the nonphysics approach for homing and using LookAt method.

Any ideas?

When the missile is orbiting a target, the angle between its current velocity and the vector missile->target is near to 90 degrees - the problem here is how to get the missile velocity vector, since you’re not using physics. If you don’t know the velocity vector, it can be calculated in Update:

var target: Transform; // the target transform
private var lastPos: Vector3; // used to calculate the velocity vector

function Start(){
  lastPos = transform.position;

function Update(){
  // calculate the velocity vector:
  var vel: Vector3 = (transform.position - lastPos)/Time.deltaTime;
  lastPos = transform.position; // update lastPos
  // get the missile->target vector:
  var tgtDir: Vector3 = target.position - transform.position;
  var angle = Vector3.Angle(vel, tgtDir);
  if (angle > 70 && angle < 110){
    // may be orbiting target: reduce
    // the missile velocity