Missing assembly references when importing/upgrading DOTS stack

How do I fix the thousands of cs0246 and cs0234 (“The type or namespace name Unity.Entities could not be found”) that pop up when downloading the full DOTS stack? All packages are installed correctly but when editing code in VS2019, Numerous namespaces cannot be found! This is extremely frustrating since normally, with packages, that is handled automatically! I have the newest stable version of unity and all dependencies, that is 100% NOT the problem!

I have even gone as far as editing the manifest.json file in \Packages, fixing some of the errors. The first time I imported the DOTS stack the same problems came up. I once found a solution online that involved deleting a PROTECTED folder in user\AppData\ (somewhere there), but I seem to not be able to find it anymore…

Can anyone help?

Bump - this also happens with blank projects. Extremely unfair.