Missing behaviours when loading when loading Asset Bundles on iOS

Hi everyone,
On the current project i am working on we are using asset bundles to reduce the app size. Our bundles have references to many different scripts. Now on android devices the bundles load perfectly well with all references intact but when we build and run the project on iOS we keep getting missing behaviours alerts.

We use BundleOptions.None for both iOS and android builds and currently running the project on Unity 5.5.1p3.

What we have tried so far:

  • upgrading to 5.5.1p4
  • adding all the namespaces to the link.xml
  • disable engine code stripping on iOS(this helped us with other issues).
  • adding all of the script components used by the GameObjects in the bundles to a random GameObject in the project to insure a reference exist and that the code will not be stripped.

I am really unsure how to proceed , what could cause the GameObjects on the asset bundles to lose references to scripts, specifically on iOS?

We ended up downgrading to unity 5.4.3p4 and writing a script to help us downgrade all of our prefabs(asset serialization was updated on unity 5.5), everything now works.