Missing faces when importing models from blender

When I import this model some of the faces are transparent. Normals seem to be correct on blender. Here are some screenshots.


unity screenshot

Hello @tomasantunes

Despite of normals, this looks like typical mirroring issue - most 3d software don’t do flipping of faces when mirroring, (symmetry modifiers might). Mirroring operation is like pulling the bottom vertices of a plastic bag model along x- axis - you’ll end up with inside-out bag…

It seems like your boot mesh is combined with body, so maybe you mirrored it earlier?

Try applying (whatever it’s called in blender) all the modifiers in your mesh and then also check that you display your mesh in blender as single-sided mesh… so you’ll see if you get the same error in Blender. If that is the case, then just flip the faces.

Unless it’s some freak error (which I doubt), this has very little to do with Unity, this is a Blender question.