Missing Field Exception: Field "UnityEngine.TextMesh.text" not found

Hey People, I keep getting two field not found exceptions: First one when I try to change the objects name: Missing Field Exception "UnityEngine.GameObject.name" and Secondly when i try to cast the name on the TextMesh: Missing Field Exception "UnityEngine.TextMesh.text" (Instantiator is a String Array)

Here is my code:

function Update() {
    if(Instantiator.length != 1) {
        for(var i = 0; i < Instantiator.length; i++) {
            var chara = Instantiate(Character, Vector3(10,10,10), Quaternion.identity);
            chara.name = Instantiator*;*
 _chara.GetComponentInChildren(TextMesh).text = Instantiator*;*_
 <em>_if(Login.GetNick() == Instantiator*) {*_</em>
 <em>_*Character = chara;*_</em>
 <em>_*Character.GetComponent("Third Person Camera").SetTarget(camera.main.transform);*_</em>
 <em>_*Character.GetComponent("Third Person Controller").enabled = true;*_</em>
 <em>_*else {*_</em>
 <em>_*chara.GetComponent("Third Person Controller").enabled = false;*_</em>
<em>_*<p>PS: I am trying to communicate between non Unity thread and Unity thread, atm i am using an array to store names and this script checking if anything needs to be instantiated, if there is a more effecient way of doing this please let me know.</p>*_</em>

You should type your vars:

var chara : GameObject = Instan....


var tm : TextMesh = chara.GetComponentInChildren(TextMesh);
tm.text = Ins....