Missing 'Options' in my GUI Menu?

Firstly, here is the code I have got so far:

function OnGUI() {
	GUI.Box(Rect(Screen.width /2 - 120,Screen.height /2 - 70,250,220), "Main Menu");
	if(GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width /2 - 120,Screen.height /2 - 50,250,50), "Start Game"));
	if(GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width /2 - 120,Screen.height /2 + 0,250,50), "Options"));
			GUI.Box(Rect(100,500,250,20), "Graphics coming soon");
	if(GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width /2 - 120,Screen.height /2 + 50,250,50), "Credits"));
			GUI.Box(Rect(100,550,550,20), "Game developed by Andromeda (Myles and Will)");
	if(GUI.Button(Rect(Screen.width /2 - 120,Screen.height /2 + 100,250,50), "Quit Game"));

I can see the Main Menu background, credits button, and Quit button, however, I seem to be missing the Options button. I don’t see how it’s not there since the coordinate pixel things clearly say it should be! How can I see it??

With the way you currently have line 4, I believe the options button will only appear when it gets the input “GetMouseUp”. Try adding a semicolon to the end of line 4 like you did with the other nested if statements.

EDIT: Eric has a better answer and it slipped my mind. The “if(GUI.Button…” part automatically checks for button presses, so you don’t need the “GetMouseUp” stuff.

Get rid of the “Input.GetMouseUp” stuff, which is syntactically incorrect and doesn’t belong in OnGUI code anyway.

Also, OnGUI code is immediate mode, so putting more GUI things inside an if statement will cause them to be drawn for one frame only when the button is clicked. You need to make them persistent.