Missing Player Size Statistics in the Editor Log after build with Unity 5.3

According to Unity - Manual: Reducing the file size of your build there is supposed to exist a size statistics in the Editor Log output after a build. But, I can’t find anything of that kind in the log file. Tried both Android and iOS builds. Missing or am I missing something?

It actually is there in 5.3.1f1 I just did a build and checked because I had noticed it missing too. The header for it is missing (Player Size Statistics) but the info is included. Search the text file for “Textures” and it should take you to where it is.

it’s a bug with 5.x, http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/player-size-statistics-missing-in-unity-5.332657/

looks like 2018.2.f1 also has it missing

In recent Unity, it is now output as Library/LastBuild.buildreport
It is not directly readable. There is a tool for it: Build Report Inspector.

Ref doc:

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