Missing Project ID in Unity


I upgraded my Unity licence from Personal Edition to Plus Edition. **
Now iam logged into my new Unity Plus licenced account with all the projects loaded as in Personal Edition.
But when iam building the project, there is a **Missing Project ID dialogue box with the following message.
Please check the attachment.

Even with the Missing Project ID message, iam able to build the project as usual.
What does the message means? Is it important to consider it while building the project.

Please help me out.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You can fix it by going to the dropdown: Window>services.
From there you can create a new Project ID.

This ID let’s you use unity cloud services. Even if you don’t use or want to use any of those creating the project ID and keeping all services to OFF will at least remove the annoying message.

thanks you man. <3

If you don’t need to create a new cloud project with Unity Services tab & just want to delete “Missing Project ID” warning everywhere in Unity, you just need to:

  1. Open with any Text Editor: Project Folder > ProjectSettings > ProjectSettings.asset
  2. Remove values of cloudProjectId, projectName, organizationId with leaving empty space on the right.
  3. Restart Unity.

P.S. This warning happens when the project previously had the id. So, if you are publisher on the asset store creating assets in Templates category, then you need to clear this info.