Missing Reference Exception Error

Hi Unity Community I have just started working on my first project and this error message has come out of the blue. I have tried to fix it myself and have researched it online, but I couldn’t find anyone else with a similar problem.

The Error Message says:

“MissingReferenceException: The variable m_Target of ‘RigidbodyEditor’ doesn’t exist anymore.
You probably need to reassign the m_Target variable of the ‘RigidbodyEditor’ script in the inspector.”

I only have one rigidbody applied to one of my gameobjects so that it has gravity, but the error message still appears even when I have removed that rigidbody from the gameobject. When I double click on the error message it shows me the title of this “Rigidbody Editor (Script)” but I can’t edit the script or make any changes to it at all. I couldn’t even find that script file in my computer. I am currently wondering if I have a problem with my Unity installation and need to reinstall it, but I don’t know if that would count as my second install of my basic iOS license even though it would be on the same computer.

Any help would really be appreciated and thank you in advanced.

I’m pretty sure you could reinstall without it counting against you (it bonds to the computer)

Generally missing reference error comes by the variables you have declared as public and you did’t assigned it in inspector…and so dont panic just assign the object in inspector…

I’ve decided to try reinstalling unity in the hope that the error will disappear. Thank you Dave for the information.

Reinstalling Unity fixed the problem thank you Dave for your help.

I got this error. I made an empty that was parented to my enemy and it kept track if there was something in the way of the enemy to keep it from getting to the player. I called is “enemyEyes” and I made it of type Transform in the script. Anyway after a couple of test runs I got this error the variable “enemyEyes” does not exist anymore. All I had to do was delete the empty and create a new one. Then I re parented it and clicked and added it to the script again and everything works again. If I find out more about this error I’ll let you guys know it seems weird and I don’t know what caused it to occur in the first place. I just wanted to post this because I don’t think re installing unity is necessary.

I encountered this error as well.

The problem was an out-of-date prefab.

I had two prefabs, ‘A’, and ‘B’. B contained a child object that was of type ‘A’. I changed prefab ‘A’ and forgot to delete and re-add it to prefab ‘B’. As a result, B’s version of ‘A’ fell out of sync with the standalone version of ‘A’.