Missing References in custom GUISkin

Hello there,

I’ve been struggling with GUISkins for a while now.
I’ve managed to make myself some nice buttons and all for my custom inspectors, but i’ve stumbled many times upon issues involving this kind of message :

Apparently creating a brand new GUISkin “forgets” several useful GUIStyles ? So far the color picker is screwed, so are the LayerMask windows.


I’ve been removing the error messages for a while by adding the missing refs in Custom Styles but i’m still missing their visuals, which isn’t ideal. I’m working on an asset, and screwing the user’s interface is out of the question.

alt text

I’m loading the GUISkin here (I’m calling InitializeStyles in OnInspectorGUI from my custom inspectors so far) :

public static class UIHelper
	public static string mainStyle = "MainStyle";
	public static string subStyle1 = "SubStyle1";
    public static string subStyle2 = "SubStyle2";
    public static string buttonStyle = "Button";
    public static string redButtonStyle = "RedButton";
    public static string greenButtonStyle = "GreenButton";
    public static string warningStyle = "Warning";
    public static string headerStyle = "Button";

	public static void InitializeStyles ()
		GUI.skin = Resources.Load<GUISkin>("GameKit/UI/GameKitSkin");

Sadly the documentation on this subject is very rare and searching online hasn’t helped me so far.
Any idea or workaround ? Thanks !

Still haven’t found a solution to this.
Help would be very appreciated !