Missing/Replaced Unity default mesh Assets?

I’ve been playing around, trying to create a custom mesh from code, and called “GetComponent ().sharedMesh.Clear ();”
on a standard asset cube.

It seems all the standard vetices and triangles of the Unity3D cube mesh has been replaced with a clear mesh.

So, Is there a simple way to Reinstall the Unity Default Resources, or do I have to Export my assets to a new project?

Here’s the whole script, by the way:

		mesh.vertices = points;

		mesh.triangles = triangles;

		GetComponent<MeshCollider> ().sharedMesh.Clear ();

		GetComponent<MeshCollider> ().sharedMesh = mesh;
		//detectionCollider.sharedMesh = mesh;

I should have looked a little further.
If this happens to anyone else, All you have to do is go to Assets/Reimport all.
I’m gonna leave this up for anyone else. All is back to normal :slight_smile: